Aerogenerator X

London, UK

Project Description

In July 2010 UK company Wind Power Limited unveiled its design for a new generation of offshore wind turbines, visualised by Grimshaw. The Aerogenerator has the potential to revolutionise our approach to renewable technology and ultimately help deliver the UK’s offshore wind strategy in a reliable and cost effective manner.

The Aerogenerator adopts vertical axis technology and is half the height of an equivalent horizontal-axis turbine. It does not have the same weight constraints as a normal wind turbine and its blades do not undergo weight-induced fatigue. Concentrating its weight at the base of the structure not only gives a structural advantage but also means that it can withstand the offshore winds, is easier to service and is suitable for location far offshore in deep water.  Scaleable between 100kW and 10MW of power, the new design enhances the commercial viability and operability of wind power onshore and offshore.

Project Details

Wind Power Limited
130 metres high x 270m
Completion Date:
Image by Grimshaw & Wind Power Ltd