Research Triangle Park Master Plan

Research Triangle, NC, USA

Project Description

Research Triangle Park is one of the pre-eminent technology parks in the United States. The Research Triangle Park Foundation, is looking for a 50 year vision to solidify the park’s status as a centre of innovation and break-through scientific discoveries.

The goal of the team is not to forsake the heritage of the original park or to rebuild, but to improve upon the current assets and augment them through an additive process. To this end, three primary strategies have been identified: refurbishment and modernisation of existing facilities, the creation of multi-tenant clusters throughout the park to foster interaction and collaboration, and 2-3 targeted mixed-use urban hubs that would provide pedestrian-oriented, transit-tied centres able to provide housing and social amenities that serve and attract the workforce of the park.

The client needs not only an urban and architectural vision, but a financial business and capital investment plan and a phasing and implementation plan for how to achieve their vision over the next 50 years.

Project Details

Research Triangle Foundation
7,000 acres
Completion Date: