Qatar Pavilion - Rio+20 UN Conference on Sustainable Development

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Project Description

Grimshaw created the Qatar Pavilion for the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development in record time.

Grimshaw was tasked with creating a structure for an exposition that could be designed and constructed in an ambitious five week time frame. Led by our Industrial Design Unit, the team responded with an efficient and lightweight pavilion, structurally inspired by the tensile characteristics of a falcon’s wing. The majestic wingspan of a soaring falcon is identifiable in the curved roof structure, arching over the exhibit space below. The beautiful structure captures the spirit and tradition of the sport of falconry, enshrining an integral component of Qatar’s past in the structural efficiency of a pavilion that looks to the nation’s future.

Designed to emulate Qatar’s bold and pioneering presence on the international stage, the pavilion utilizes contemporary materials while still adhering to strict guidelines for sustainability. In concert with guidelines established by the conference, all materials were procured locally, reducing the embodied energy of the materials, and assembled by local contractors, shrinking the carbon impact of the construction. At the close of the conference, the pavilion was disassembled and stored for future use elsewhere in Brazil.

Project Details

Qatar National Food Security Programme
500 sq m
Completion Date:
Sherolin Santos