Park Road Apartments

London, UK

Project Description

This apartment building was pioneering on many levels: structurally, aesthetically and even politically. It was the first residential building in the UK to be built with a central core, which freed up the plans enormously. The extensive perimeter glazing and lack of structure between the core and external walls enabled Grimshaw to offer potential purchasers no less than 73 variations of plan. The lightweight construction was facilitated by the sinusoidal cladding in high-grade aluminium which was aesthetically unprecedented and which simplified the design of curved corners giving the flats beautiful panoramic views.

This was the first time a housing association had won permission to build a block of flats in Central London, amazingly on a Regent's Park site. This enabled the owners to avoid the developer's costs leading valuers to estimate a 50% cost saving on market price. The building, with its 40 flats and double height penthouses, was an enormous success and more than 30 years later is still much loved by residents. Nick Grimshaw himself made it his home with his young family for six years.

Project Details

Mercury Housing Society Ltd
3,300 sq m
Completion Date:
Photography by Hanya Chlala, Tessa Traeger