Patricia and Phillip Frost Museum of Science

Miami, FL, USA

Project Description

The partly open-air structure will be home to science galleries, a history gallery, a planetarium and a "living core" aquarium and wildlife centre that contains a microcosm of South Florida’s animal, fish and plant species.  The living core will frame the starting point of each visit, providing an environmental context for studies of the social, technological, physical and natural world around us.

The core design concept is “building as exhibit”. Grimshaw’s design is a “living building” - physically and visibly changing in response to environment, events and the mood of the city. High performance ventilation and air conditioning systems will be fine-tuned to provide superior comfort at low energy for the interior spaces. A vegetated roof will be accompanied by a constructed wetland adjacent to the building for control of storm water runoff and to enhance site biodiversity.  

Project Details

Miami Science Museum
250,000 sq ft
Completion Date: