New York, United States

Project Description

Robustness and durability were key design drivers for the development of street furniture for New York City to ensure it endures the unremitting street environment. A bus shelter, newsstand and public toilet were constructed from recyclable components, including high-resistance tempered and laminated glass and stainless steel. These materials are high quality, self-finishing materials that will withstand heavy use.

The bus shelter is an elegant design which provides all the technical requirements of a shelter while exemplifying efficient material use and durability. It has two ground fixings, and a fully glazed rear panel and cantilevered roof. The roof system uses structural silicon to attach an aluminium profile to each edge of the laminated glass. The laminated glass and slotted design is intended to reduce the risk of glass becoming loose when broken. Contextually, the design needed to be transparent; it is distinctive in design yet blends into the urban landscape with minimal visual and spatial intervention.

Project Details

Completion Date:
Selected Awards
Business Weeks' "International Design Excellence Award"